Contemporary Art in Cranbrook and the Weald

Art in Store: Cranbrook making an exhibition of itself

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History of the event

In 2006 Kristina Avery started a new initiative in Cranbrook - one that has already been earmarked for imitation in other parts of the country. She

had the inspired idea of establishing a symbiotic relationship between local working artists and the shopkeepers of the town. By devoting some of

their window display space to an artists work, participating stores were able to turn the whole town into a delightful art exhibition.  Through

imaginative pairing of artists and shops, all are benefitting, raising the profiles of all involved.

In devising Art in Store our intention was to create a 'win win' situation for artists and shopkeepers, and our experience in 2006 confirmed our

expectations. Despite some unhelpful weather the town had a good number of extra visitors for the show while the regular shoppers were often

startled into considering the merits of paintings and artworks that they wouldn't necessarily have gone out of their way to view. There were some

wonderfully imaginative pairings: Charlotte Molesworth and Cranbrook DIY; Brian Hanson and Phillips Man Shop;  David Aspinal and Stoneydale

Art Supplies; Will Taylor and Spice.

The Art in Store events in 2007, 2008 and 2009 were also a great success with more shops and artists joining in and terrific publicity for the event

in the press and on radio. Sadly it due to the amount of work involved in setting up this unique event and the depressing fact that there are only 24

hours in one day it has not been possible to host this event since, but that could change if you are someone that would like to get involved. Email

Kristina if that is you!